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I was quite skeptical when I first purchased this warranty since there are so many companies out there just wanting to take your money and not actually help you out. After I filed my first claim with Marathon I realized they were different. They actually helped me out with my towing, repair, and rental along with their speedy replies to the shop. Having my car break down was such an inconvenience, but Marathon put my mind at ease with their exceptional services.

– Cooper – Wichita, KS


I was dreading calling in my claim because in the past when I have dealt with other insurance companies I have always been pushed off to the side and gotten back to weeks later after calling them repetitively. My very first call, I reached one of your spectacular adjustors. He immediately started my claim and told me everything he needed from me to push my claim further. I did my part and as soon as I got back to him, he did his part. He made my experience very comforting and I felt great that my claim was being handled with such professionalism and concern. Thank you.

– Emilia – Danville, GA


I have never been treated with so much care and respect until I called her. I do not have very much knowledge in this area, and she helped me to understand every detail so I was comfortable with the handling of my claim.

– Henry – Paradise, PA


Your employee is remarkable. She cared for my claim like it was her own, trying to ensure I get my repair covered 100%. I was shocked by how quickly she was able to get me my money. I am sure if all of your employees were like her, you would be the proudest boss in the world.

– Jason – Georgetown, OH


I appreciate you going out of your way to resolve a minor misunderstanding between the dealership and myself. I never expected that a supervisor would return my request for assistance nor resolve the matter in such a timely manner.
– Jim – Westmond, IL


I called Marathon concerning my transmission failing. He was very helpful on explaining the proper procedure on getting my car in for repair. He informed me to take my car to a licensed repair facility to have the problem diagnosed. The repair facility would call Marathon with diagnoses to see if it was a covered repair. I did that and it was a covered repair which Marathon paid the dealership and I had to pay nothing out of my pocket except my deductible. It was a very simple process and I am not sure if I did not have help from him that it would have went so smoothly.

– Jonathon – Springfield, IL


From the first time he started to handle my claim he showed nothing but concern and understanding, and displayed the utmost respect and professionalism.

– Kyle – Rising Star, TX


I am writing this letter to let you know what a valuable employee you have. His outstanding courtesy and professionalism including knowledge is most appreciated by persons like myself who do not understand a lot about mechanics.

– Mildred – Capitol Heights, MD


For both of my claims, he worked quickly to get me my money, and he cared enough to take every one of my phone calls. I am very thankful for his professional service, because most places now days just don’t care about their customers like he did for me.

– Rachel – Reno, NV


I don’t think I have ever talked to anybody as kind, friendly, and funny as him. The entire time he handled my claim, he managed to make me feel like I was just talking to another one of my friends. He remained professional and took perfect care of my claim while making the process seem simple so I felt comfortable throughout the entire time.

– Sarah – Marshall, MO